Focus on mold injection customization for 22 years
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Provide enterprises with mold customization, processing and manufacturing solutions
Focus on PC transparent products + appearance parts mold for 22 years
Over the past 22 years, we have been committed to the development of professional optical products, focusing on the design and manufacturing of injection products and molds, and provide professional product services to customers around the world. Our business covers Europe, America, Southeast Asia, South America, the Middle East, South Korea, etc. With 22 years of operation, the company has formed a mature industrial chain: R&D department-mold department-product injection-optical treatment-optical coating-PC anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment, etc., to provide customers with tailor-made Integrated products and services.
One-stop service
Product development-mold making-injection molding
PC product post-processing service
Anti-scratch process-vacuum coloring-anti-fog process-product assembly
Why choose us
Why choose us
Runke Quality Commitment
Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM),
Grasp the key dimensions of each mold.
Runke has a Hexagon Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), which can provide high-quality customized products and services to customers around the world through three-dimensional measurement of molds and detection of mold processing accuracy data during the production process.
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R & D support
Master mold engineer sits in town.
Based on product data, customer's sample book, injection molding machine information, combined with communication analysis before mold opening, CAE report, etc., use professional software to make mold design drawings for customers.
Advanced equipment
Advanced precision equipment,
Provide professional products and services to customers around the world.
Runke has its own plant, with a complete set of professional processing equipment such as turning, planing, grinding, milling, drilling, wire cutting, punching machine, Mikron processing center, projector, three-coordinate, detector, etc., and gradually enters the digital management process .
9 imported CNC machining centers, 6 spark machines, 6 wire cutting machines, 5 milling machines, 3 hydraulic grinders, 2 large water grinders, 1 deep hole drill, 1 radial drilling machine, 1 lathe, polishing equipment , Testing equipment, etc.
Quality Commitment
Guaranteed use times,
Provide products and services of higher quality and quantity.
Over the years, we have always adhered to the tenet of "quality first, reputation first", adhering to the business concept of "factory modernization, equipment automation, and humanized management", and constantly introduced advanced fully automated mechanized equipment to achieve customers' increasing products and Service requirements have been successfully obtained such as BSCI, FDA, CE, ISO, SGS and other international certifications. In the next few years, the company will gradually realize fully automated production and provide global customers with higher-quality and high-quantity products and services.
Mold life
500,000 times
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The finished products of mold production are all over the world,
Serving nearly 20 countries worldwide
Globally serving nearly more than 20 countries, molds are exported to South Korea, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Romania, Czech Republic, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, the United States, Brazil and other countries. Mold production products are all over the world. With cutting-edge quality and first-class technology, we are well-known in the global mold market and make more first-class manufacturing enterprises.
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Whether you are a self-employed or a large company with tens of thousands of people, we can provide you with a five-star "mold design + manufacturing service" to find an ideal cost-effective solution for your business.
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Factory Tour,
22 years of industry experience, excellent product quality.
Meticulous polishing,
Help you create successful products.
It has successfully obtained international certifications such as BSCI, FDA, CE, ISO, SGS, etc. In the next few years, Runke will gradually realize fully automated production and provide global customers with higher-quality and high-quantity products and services.
About us
Foshan Runke Precision Mold Co., Ltd. is located in Nanhai District, Foshan City, one of the "Four Tigers in Guangdong". It is a subsidiary of Foshan Liangyu Hardware Plastic Co., Ltd. It has been committed to the design and manufacture of precision injection molds for many years, especially in PC The application research and development of transparent products, plastic appearance parts and special plastic materials is particularly prominent. It has provided mold customization services for injection molded products to many well-known companies around the world. The industries involved include motorcycle parts, auto parts, labor insurance, medical care, sports goods, and daily necessities. Wait. Runke is one of the few source manufacturers in the industry that has a complete PC product service supply chain: it can provide products from product development-mold making-injection molding-anti-scratch technology-vacuum coloring-anti-fog technology- One-stop customized services such as product assembly. 2W square own factory...
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