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Pay attention to the following 5 points during the use of cement
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 &Nbsp;   Pay attention to the following points during the use of cemented carbide molds:
   1. Unsuitable shrinkage rate. The cemented carbide mold itself has the characteristics of being hard and brittle. If it is used for shrinking drawing with large area shrinkage, it will easily lead to the stress that the mold can withstand and chipping and scrapping. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the appropriate one according to the different mechanical properties of the wire. Shrinkage rate.
  2. The effect of heat treatment is good or bad. For wires with excessive hardness or uneven hardness, heat treatment should first reduce the hardness by annealing or tempering to make it uniform, otherwise it will seriously damage the cemented carbide mold. {Shrink rod mold, straight rod mold is obvious}
  3. Material surface treatment without processing
4. The effect of the lubricant used is to maintain a good lubrication state throughout the production process, so as to form a film that can withstand high pressure without being damaged, reduce the friction in the working area, and improve the use of cemented carbide molds life.
   5. Whether to maintain the cemented carbide mold regularly.
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