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The key to mold production is safety awareness
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Safety in production is a major event involving the life safety of employees, and it is also related to the survival, development and stability of the enterprise.
   GDM is a precision mold company for products such as automobiles, home appliances, baby carriages, and office products. It has many mold production sites, a wide range, and frequent various high-risk operations. Therefore, the significance of safe production is very important.
   Doing a good job in safety production is like walking on thin ice, without any negligence and paralysis. As a safety manager, we must first eliminate the misunderstanding of employees' ideological understanding. It can be seen from some accidents that have occurred in the company in recent years that among the human factors of accidents, safety awareness is lacking, and most accidents caused by illegal operations. Therefore, enhance employees’ safety awareness and prevent unsafe behaviors in the company’s safe production process. Plays a very important role.
From the perspective of safety management experience, if you want to do a good job in safe production, it is not enough to establish a sound system and increase the number of safety inspections. The key is to improve the safety awareness of front-line workers and realize the change from passive "I want to be safe" to subjective. A fundamental change in "I want to be safe" to achieve intrinsic safety.
In safety production management, in order to achieve intrinsic safety, it is essential to focus on the main link of improving safety awareness, so that every employee consciously abides by the safety operating procedures, fully understands the importance of compliance, and improves every employee’s Self-protection ability, resolutely overcome the "accustomed" thinking, do things in accordance with the rules and regulations in the work, and achieve mutual supervision and joint improvement, so that hidden dangers can be discovered and eliminated in time. In this way, safety problems and hidden dangers in processing operations can be solved and avoided accordingly, and production safety can be effectively controlled.
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