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Daily cleaning of molds
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1) Dust cleaning on the surface of plastic molds: After wiping with a clean rag, touch the surface of the mold with your hands. If there is no dust, it is qualified.
   2) Cleaning the guide sleeve and guide post of the plastic mold: wipe off the oil accumulation on the guide sleeve, guide post, and guide block with a rag, and then apply a small amount of oil to lubricate.
  3) Cleaning of punching parts made of plastic: Use a hammer to remove all the waste in the hole, the waste sticking to the sliding material board and the cutting waste at the cutting edge.
4) If the plastic is made of coating, the stretched surface of the mold must be cleaned, and the surface must be checked by hand. The first material must be wiped clean with a rag during production. After production, the mold must be coated with a little oil .
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